An Interview with Emma Furzer

What do you do for Highvern?

I am a Trust Manager at Highvern working within the Private Client department. I manage a small experienced team and we work very closely together to provide a discreet and bespoke service of excellence, on a vast range of clients, who are based throughout the world. Part of my role includes Business Development, so I am regularly over in London to attend networking events and seminars, as well as meeting with clients and intermediaries alike. I am also on the Sports and Social Committee and help organise teams within the business to take part in charity events and various staff events throughout the year.

What do you love most about your role?

What makes my role so stimulating is that no two days are ever alike. Due to the nature of the client base, and the various types of structures that we administer, means that we are involved in purchases of fine art and jewellery, to development and renovation of prestigious property, actively involved in acquisition or sale of listed companies, to setting up a Trust for future generations of philanthropy. I am constantly learning by keeping up to date with the ever changing legislation and at the same time building relationships with clients and their families that can span generations. You become someone that the client places their trust in and relies upon - and that is what being a Trustee is all about.

How did your move to Highvern come about?

My move to Highvern came about by chance, through a mutual friend who introduced me to Group Director - Naomi Rive. We met for coffee and instantly I was drawn to the way in which Naomi talked about the business, the staff and the clients with such passion and enthusiasm.

Highvern became independent in December 2016 after being under the ownership of one of Britain's most prestigious private banks. It was clear that Highvern's vision was to continue providing a world class service to its clients, whilst now being able to have a more dynamic approach. I instantly wanted to be part of this and when the opportunity arose to take the role I am in now, I could not refuse.

At which PCD event will members see you next?

Very good question! Given the current Global Pandemic situation I do not think anyone is certain when they will next be seeing each other in person, however what we can do in the meantime is take advantage of the array of technology that we have available which means we can keep in contact with colleagues, contacts, friends and loved ones at the touch of a button.

My top tip for networking is...

Be authentic, smile and relax. People buy people at the end of the day and to build a relationship and trust with someone starts with the basics. If you are honest and have a genuine passion for what you do then it will come naturally, once the initial ice is broken. At networking events everyone is in the same boat, so just go up to an individual or a group of people and introduce yourself and what you do (with a smile) and listen to what they have to say back.

On a weekend, I am most likely found...

Out and about keeping fit. From running, to yoga, to the gym or out on a paddleboard in the sea. Being so lucky to live on an island as beautiful as Jersey means that there is plenty to do in the evenings and weekends, and I will be found making the most of it.


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