Industry movers: Paul Hill

Why did you choose to move to your new role?

My promotion to Senior Associate recognises my personal development and technical expertise in estate administration. At Thomson Snell & Passmore there is an incredible focus on client care and satisfaction and further exposure to clients with different problems to solve will allow me to continue to develop my expertise in new areas and provide even greater service to our clients.

What will the biggest challenge be in your new role?

Thomson Snell & Passmore's Probate Department deals with a wide range of estates and probate matters. We work with families from farming backgrounds and both family-owned and corporate businesses, securing Agricultural Property Relief and Business Property Relief wherever possible. Our clients are local, national and global; Thomson Snell & Passmore is renowned for our local knowledge but we are also instructed in the administration of the estates of many non-domiciled individuals. We also assist with the re-sealing of many overseas Grants.

Every client has their own unique circumstances and outlook. In one moment we can be advising a client on whether the residence nil rate band is available to them and in another we can be analysing how international tax rules interact with one another. Sometimes the bigger challenge, however, is advising clients with seemingly similar problems. As each client sees things differently, it is essential to realise that the best advice for one client is not necessarily right for another. This is why it is so important to get to know clients properly, and is one of the reasons why Thomson Snell & Passmore has such a focus on client relationships.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

The best thing about being a solicitor is helping clients come up with solutions to their problems. In my new role I will be working with a wide range clients with different needs and concerns, administering highly complex estates. I am really looking forward to further improving my skillset so as to be able to continue to achieve excellent outcomes for our clients, as well as mentor and share knowledge with my colleagues in our 11 strong probate team.


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