Introducing Montrose Advisory

We met with Jonathan Edgeley to talk about his experience founding Montrose Advisory, providing independent guidance to individuals and their families suffering from addiction, trauma and other behavioural disorders.

You have a wealth of experience in private healthcare, particularly in relation to behavioural and mental health. What inspired you to launch Montrose Advisory at this point in your career?

Quite simply to help people live long and fulfilling lives. I've seen too many people over the years battle through life with a stiff upper lip. I want to do my bit to reduce the stigma attached to mental health. As a society, we are becoming much more open to discussing mental health, but there is still some way to go. The positive work Princes Harry and William are doing is certainly raising awareness which is making it less taboo.

Tell our members a bit more about your business and its relevance within the private client world.

Montrose Advisory provides an independent health concierge service. We assist businesses, individuals and families on matters of mental and behavioural health that require professional assistance.

We work across the whole spectrum, from phobias to anxiety to inpatient residential treatment for addictive disorders. We create tailored care pathways to meet a client's exact needs, circumstance and budget.

Our service is available 24/7 offering same day appointments with psychologists, private GPs, psychiatrists and other clinical professionals.

Montrose Advisory is often the first port of call for private client advisors where professional guidance is necessary.

What challenges have you faced/what have you discovered so far?

The biggest challenge we've faced has been with the sheer volume of people looking for help. Whether for themselves or a loved one, we are making a significant difference.

With executive burnout on the rise, we are getting many enquiries a week from fatigued business owners and heads of families looking for retreat style clinics where they can recharge and recalibrate.

DNA and genetic testing is beginning to play a big part in preventive health particularly at times of succession planning. This seems to be the enhanced version of the psychometric test.

How do you see your business growing over the next few years?

There is a growing demand for our home-based concierge services where we craft tailored programmes for multi-generational families. This level of personalised healthcare is becoming a game changer.

Personal trainers are becoming a thing of the past; we are seeing multi disciplinary teams assigned to optimise the wellbeing of the whole family.

At which PCD event will members find you next?

As a Yorkshireman I'm very much looking forward to attending the Leeds event later this year, however I intend to be at the London dinner in July.

What do you like to do outside the office? On a weekend, PCD members are most likely to find you...

In a bid to maintain my physical and mental health I can often be found running up and down the seven hills of Sheffield. What I eat and drink (no alcohol) plays an important role in my wellbeing as does my wife and four children. I am a trustee for two local addiction charities and also provide pro bono recovery coaching.



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