31 March 2020

I am a partner at Maisto e Associati, a leading independent Italian law firm specialized in Italian tax law, and I head the London office of the Firm.

26 March 2020

Whilst our events program is postponed we are working closely with our members to facilitate connections. We continue to work to deliver new contacts, new ideas and new business - just via a different medium.

2 March 2020

Latest update for members sponsors and guests on CoVID-19. The safety or our customers and guests is of paramount importance to us and we are monitoring the CoVID-19 situation very carefully.

27 February 2020

Anne-Marie Ellis is a Solicitor and Founder of Anne-Marie Ellis Property Matters, an independent advisory company that helps private clients achieve the best possible outcomes in their property transactions and projects by providing them with bespoke, holistic legal and practical advice and solutions.

27 February 2020

For many years, it was common practice for a non-UK domiciled individual to create an offshore trust and company structure to purchase and hold a UK property which would be occupied by that individual and their family personally.

27 February 2020

The growth of 'mid-shore' (as opposed to 'offshore') in the wealth planning industry has been an often-recited trend since at least 2012.

27 February 2020

"I'd forgotten that life could feel like this" was a recent comment from someone who has relocated to Guernsey.

27 February 2020

"Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." The story goes that this was the text of a cable sent by Mark Twain to the US media after his obituary had mistakenly been published.

27 February 2020

I am an Associate Director at Louvre with a key focus on client relations and business development.

27 February 2020

I am an Associate Director at ETC Tax; my primary role is to look after London and South East.


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