A Return to Balance

"I'd forgotten that life could feel like this" was a recent comment from someone who has relocated to Guernsey. It's true, we tend to normalise all the things which make up our lives and we naturally lose visibility and an appreciation of the way things used to be. Progress is of course good, usually, and subtle changes can go almost unnoticed, yet over a decade or three life can change significantly and not always for the best. The cost of a rail card, the two hour commute, the focus on home security, the children and their safety, polluted air and traffic noise, right through to accepting that a significant portion of your hard-earned income will be taxed at a high rate. All these elements of modern life have become 'normal' in most people's lives. In isolation and in the round they're all sustainable; and that's just the way it is, right?

In Guernsey, we embrace a life that is more than just work; one that restores balance to your lifestyle. A natural environment that helps you reconnect with the good things in life and a hub that enables business to flourish.

Our welcoming community, famous natural beauty, vibrant culture and low crime rate make it an attractive alternative to city life and a safe and secure place to bring up children. A key advantage of island life is a typical commute of just 15 minutes, giving residents more time to enjoy pursuits that nurture body and soul. You can be at home with your family or out in the fresh air moments after leaving the office.

Warmer temperatures than mainland UK and 29 miles of impressive coastline supply an abundance of new adventures. Take to the sea to try your hand at paddle boarding, surfing, diving, sailing or coasteering. Hit the beach and relax on golden sands or dine on fresh local cuisine at one of over a hundred enticing restaurants.

There are no hoops to jump through - relocation to Guernsey is simple and straightforward. Anyone with the right to live in the UK and EU can live in an Open Market home. If you're considering joining us from outside the EU there are also visa options available.

Guernsey's Open Market properties offer newcomers a wide variety of sizes and styles across all 10 parishes. Traditional rural retreats, modern cliff top residences and beachfront abodes all invite you to cross their threshold.

Despite its proximity to the UK, Guernsey is a separate Crown Dependency, following laws and customs defined by its own government, the States of Guernsey. In compliance with international standards, the island has developed its own system of taxation for its residents.

Income tax is a flat 20% with attractive caps available in certain circumstances. There are no capital taxes such as inheritance or capital gains tax, no VAT or goods and services tax. New residents purchasing an Open Market Part A property with a value higher than £1.32 million within the first 12 months of residency are entitled to a tax cap of £50k per year for up to four years.

As far as tax on companies is concerned, the vast majority of companies in Guernsey pay a standard rate of 0%, whilst some pay the intermediate rate of 10% or the higher rate of 20%.

It's clear that more of us than ever are striving to find that elusive work-life balance and sense of well-being. In Guernsey, enjoying a successful career or fulfilling an entrepreneurial dream doesn't have to mean sacrificing family time, or compromising on the good things in life. Indeed, it provides a home that truly offers perfect equilibrium.

To start your journey, contact: Locate Guernsey, +44 1481 743 834, LocateGuernsey.com


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