Authenticity: The Key to Success

Conscious leaders recognise and actively encourage authenticity within their organisations, as it allows the space for people to be themselves. Resulting in a happy, aligned, productive and thriving workforce. Being authentic and allowing others to express their most authentic self is the key to harmonious working and personal relationships, as it comes without projection and without attachment.

Showing up as you are and taking people for who they are, right here, now, in this moment, is the most that any of us can do. To try to mould someone or to project onto them your idea of who they are or who they should be, or to ask them to live up to the image or expectation of them that you have created in your mind, is illusion.

In fact it is fantasy, as it does not exist in the here and now; while their potential and that potential for the un-manifest to become manifest does. It may not materialise. It can be a very unhealthy way to enter into any human relationship, personal or professional, as it is full of bargaining, attachment and conditioning.

Much of my work involves unwinding. Unwinding, the social conditioning that has been placed upon people and that people have accepted. Now, later in life, some people may find themselves potentially having studied the wrong course at University, they may have chosen a career that does not feel aligned and may not even be so sure, just who... they really are?

Of course, there are no 'wrongs' as there is always learning and growth. There are, however, what I call - 'vibrational mismatches' and this is quite simply, when you find that you are no longer on the same page. You do not have the same values and at some point, somewhere along the way, someone compromised on who they truly are, to fit someone else's paradigm and idea - of who they feel they should be.

Eventually, as growth takes places, it is very natural for people to move on as they begin to stand in their truth and the old paradigm begins to fall away. Much like we are seeing in society now, as a light begins to shine on what is and what is not working.

To be you, means you to stand in your truth, to stand in your integrity. To have developed and set the appropriate boundaries necessary, so that you do not settle, or allow yourself to be moulded into a version of you that someone else wants you to be.

In doing so, your professional and personal life will benefit ten fold, as you will be surrounded by like minded people; your 'tribe'. You will be more aligned with your purpose and you will feel much lighter, mentally and physically.

Being your most authentic self will align you with the right clients, it will bring new opportunities, and it will begin to slowly sift away that which no longer serves you. This in turn serves you, the wider collective, and it also inspires others to follow suit; to live in authenticity.

Through meditation and coaching, we have the opportunity to remove some of these layers of conditioning and return to our most authentic self. It is a beautiful transformation to watch people step into their power and to see more and more conscious leaders encouraging this, at every level of their organisations.

Niamh Keane is a trained ICF Executive Performance & Life Coach, working 1-1 with private clients and working with corporates. Niamh also hosts retreats throughout the year, which offer people the opportunity to completely reset.



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