Meet Our Member: Jerry Giles

What do you do for ETC Tax?

I am an Associate Director; my primary role is to look after London and South East. I mainly help clients save money. I work with a variety of people from individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses & other professional advisers achieve their personal & commercial objectives, helping them to be more tax efficient.

What do you love most about your role?

The main part of my role is enabling people to keep more of their own money and assets. The role has a very personal nature, you get into clients' lives and with the aim of helping them. In the role we make a real difference, guiding clients when they have previously received poor and in many cases costly advice.

Why did you join PCD?

Joining the PCD Club was an obvious step for ETC Tax. PCD events are always well attended and provide a great opportunity to network and share all that people have to offer. Being part of PCD enables us to meet like-minded professionals from a variety of specialisms and locations, making new connections.

At which PCD event will members see you next?

We are co-sponsoring the PCD event on 19th March in Manchester, 4 members of the ETC tax team will be attending. We look forward to another great event.

My top tip for networking is...

  • 2:1 ratio - two ears and one mouth, I say this to the kids!!!
  • Don't just talk about yourself
  • Don't be in a room full of sellers
  • Bring people into the conversation, rescue people that look like they need rescuing!!!
  • Make networking fun for both yourself and others.
  • Not think too hard about what you are going to say be natural and the rest will come

On a weekend, I am most likely found...

On a hockey pitch either playing coaching or drinking in the club house.


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