An update on PCD Club events in response to COVID-19

2020 has commenced with unprecedented market turmoil and economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 virus. Many sectors of the global economy are being hit by this crisis, including events businesses such as PCD Club.

We are inviting all members to join us for an interactive webinar where we will set out in detail how we are responding to this challenge. The first webinar on this topic will be on Friday 3 April at 12:00 BST London time (click here to join). It will be recorded and replayed on our website if you are unable to attend.

Given the global nature of our calendar, which connects the top private wealth professionals with their counterparts around the world, we have built a vast network. In the current climate, where business travel and communications are restricted, we are seeking to create digital channels which are valuable for our members and sponsors.

Whilst our events program is postponed we are working closely with our members to facilitate connections. We continue to work to deliver new contacts, new ideas and new business - just via a different medium.

We are anticipating a minimum of 6 months disruption for our events program (our revised event calendar for later this year is available here). Since the first evidence of the scale of the crisis, we have been exploring new ways to connect professionals in an environment where international travel and even local events are not possible to execute. Members will be able to use the dinner allocation in their packages without penalty by extending their membership term by as long as necessary based on the latest information.

We are offering our members a powerful online marketing package until our live events can resume.

Digital Offer for Members

1) Membership Directory & Referral Requests - Since face to face meetings have become more challenging and HNW client needs continue to evolve, we are seeing more requests from our contacts and members for referral recommendations of service providers in certain locations. We are channeling these opportunities consulting our member directory, please check your member profile is accurate and complete so we can find you or consider your services should opportunities come through our network.

2) Private Linkedin Group for Members - We have created a private group exclusively for PCD members to share referral opportunities, commercial ideas and industry knowledge. This will become an increasingly important source of leads and market intelligence as conditions settle into a new normal and clients start to become active again. To request to join, click here.

3) Access to thewealthnet & e-privateclient - PAM Insight will offer all existing PCD members (excluding existing subscribers) three months' free access to thewealthnet and e-privateclient (whichever you choose), together with either 20 percent off any new subscription passing the full saving onto our members. Details on how to access this important industry news source will be sent to members shortly.

4) International Pods - Members of PCD will be able to join a Pod focused on a specific geographic market. These Pods will meet once a month online on a video conference platform, where we will invite two speakers to present some ideas to those assembled and discuss afterwards in a Q&A. One speaker will come from the region itself and one from offshore. We are interested to get feedback from potential sponsors and members on which regions they are interested in, but we plan to launch the following regions initially:

  • Middle East;

  • Greater China, including Hong Kong & Singapore;

  • US & Canada;

  • LATAM;

  • East, West, South Africa.

5) UK Pods - Reflecting the fact we also have a large number of members in the UK, where we are based, we will be offering a Webinar Pod program for UK members and interested parties offshore covering a range of topics:

  • Estate Planning;

  • Philanthropy & Social Impact Investing;

  • HNW Family Law & Divorce;

  • Entrepreneurs & Exit Planning;

  • UK Real Estate;

  • Regionally Focused Sessions on Bristol; Manchester; Leeds; Edinburgh.

6) Digital Magazine - We have been publishing monthly magazines for our members, which have mainly previewed our live events (click here). We are now able to turn over more of this magazine to thematic issues which highlight the skills, competency and trends that our members are observing in this new environment. Members will have the opportunity to contribute to the magazine and benefit from learning new ideas from others.

7) Private Linkedin Group for NextGen Members - managing younger staff in these new conditions is a huge challenge. We have set up a group for our NextGen community (typically with less than 5 years professional experience). This group will share best practise for working at home, online training opportunities and business development tips to keep their skills sharp and engaged. To request to join the NextGen group, click here or forward to colleagues.

Social Media & Digital Marketing Services

1) Social Media Optimisation - In the current environment, digital marketing channels for clients and contacts becomes more vital to keep your business moving forward. Linkedin is the most popular B2B marketing channel for professional contacts, which is also used by clients who are business owners & entrepreneurs. PCD can help you optimise your own social media profile and guide you on ways to promote yourself online.

2) Webinar Design & Execution - PCD has spent the last few months working out how to design, produce and broadcast content via an online Webinar Platform. We are able to help members create interactive online content for their clients and contacts. Our specialist knowledge and tools that we have developed can help you look more professional and forward thinking online.

3) Bespoke Campaign on Social Platforms - PCD is able to collaborate with member firms to design and deliver impactful campaigns on social platforms to drive your business forward. We can work with your marketing teams to create content and raise your profile when you are unable to travel. Basic campaigns can be done without additional cost for members, but bespoke content and features could be arranged under an agreed budget.

4) Online Courses - We are currently developing a Social Selling course that will be delivered online, qualify for CPD and help you understand and capitalise on the opportunities available in digital marketing. This course will be available to PCD members at a discounted rate, which will be announced shortly.

COVID Knowledge Hub for BCP & WFH

PCD has a substantial global reach that can be used to gather best practices on business operations in the private wealth sector. We have launched a questionnaire which will go to all our contacts, which we will report back to members. This will help you understand and implement the best ideas into your business. Some regions are ahead of the curve on COVID-19 so the local offices have adopted practises that could be useful to others. It will include ideas on how teams function best when working remotely and how client interaction is dealt with in an efficient manner.

Please find a link to our industry wide questionnaire here.


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