Meet Our Member: Matthew Gilligan

What do you do for the Louvre Group

I am an Associate Director at Louvre with a key focus on client relations and business development. I am in charge of working with our key clients to ensure that they are guided through the offshore world in a coordinated manner. I also head up our business development initiatives and work with our key network of intermediaries (many of whom I have met a PCD events) to establish new contacts and ways we can work together.

What do you love most about your role?

The balance of being able to manage our business development and still have a lot of client work. I love the challenge of bringing new business into the group but I am grateful that I still get to work with the clients I have worked with for over 8 years on a day to day basis.

Why did you join PCD?

I was suggested to join by a friend of mine as a good way to develop contacts within the London private client scene about 3 years ago and I have been attending ever since. I have attended events in London, Manchester, Dublin, Guernsey & Dubai and each one has given me great new contacts (and new clients).

At Which PCD event will members see you next?

I will be at the London event (26th March), looking forward to it!

My Top tip for networking is….

Walk into the room as if you are meeting someone right at the back of it. That way you can hopefully see some friendly faces along the way and judge the atmosphere of the room before deciding who to approach to chat to. Everyone is there for the same purpose and goal so don't worry about being perceived as "working the room" too much. It is perfectly fine to meet someone, get their card and say you will catch up with them after the event and move on to talk to someone else.

On the weekend, I am most likely found…

Taking my kids to music/sports classes whilst equally trying to play either Football or Hockey myself.


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