NextGen sponsorship


Connecting the Future leaders of the wealth sector

After the pandemic, many newly qualified and associate level professionals had missed out on the usual forums for building connections. Our NextGen group aims to remedy that. The group has proved extremely popular with events attended by 100+ professionals being a regular occurrence at the London events held throughout the year. The typical format is a seated lunch on a Friday or a reception format for the Summer Party. 

We are now approaching sponsors looking for exposure to this group for the following reasons: 

Our audience is made up of the leaders of the future. The best talent from the top private wealth firms are all well represented. It is a great opportunity for sponsors to build relationships while they are open to new connections. 

By sponsoring an event, you are demonstrating to your younger staff your commitment to their training and development. The event can be a great platform for you to start training younger staff on business development. 

Sponsoring a NextGen event can elevate your brand to those in the room and those watching on social media. We create photo and video assets at every event, which promotes your brand to the sector. If you are trying to recruit talented young professionals to your firm, presenting the key people in the right setting can be a great approach. 

On top of visibility for your firm, you can provide a platform for upcoming talent, making younger professionals feel committed to the firm and bought into the firm's growth objectives.


Sponsor offer

Our NextGen events have a maximum of one sponsor by event. The package includes: 
  • Lead speaking slot 
  • 10 tickets for your team to attend 
  • Pre-event promotion of team and key messages 
  • During event feature in marketing materials 
  • Post event follow-up and introductions 
  • Event photography and video 
  • Interview opportunity at the event 
  • Follow-up opportunity in digital magazine 
  • Brand awareness through emails to members about the event. 
We take networking one step further: we actively facilitate collaborations and work with our members to help them build their network.


PCD Club aims to understand our sponsor’s objectives to maximise impact and drive new business. Feedback from our previous sponsors shows 95% of past sponsors would sponsor a PCD event again. 


The PCD Club team discuss the sponsor’s objectives for the event, in particular their target industry segments. We know the Private Client industry and PCD Club Founder, David Bell uses his extensive network & industry knowledge to identify the best opportunities for the sponsors.

What's included?

Hand-Picked Table Guests Sponsors can invite guests to the event who are interested in networking with their industry peers and making new contacts. More often, sponsors request new introductions to guests joining their table facilitated by David Bell. This allows them to use the event to expand their networks through strategic introductions. 

Key Networking and Introductions Sponsors will receive the full guest list of attendees prior to the event. During the reception and following the event, David Bell will facilitate connecting the sponsor to relevant professional contacts. He will be working with you during the event and afterwards to maximise impact and ensuring a ROI. 

Brand Awareness Sponsors have the opportunity to brand the event including displaying banners, sharing collateral and creating gift bags for guests on their table or for the whole guest list. 

Speaking Slot During the dinner, sponsors are invited to address the audience. During this speech, they introduce their business & team creating the opportunity to follow up during the event or afterwards. 

Social Media The sponsor's brand and picture of the team members will be promoted on social media during the event. Sponsors will also be included in mail outs to members and our full mailing list. 

Website Feature Sponsors will feature on the PCD Club event page where all members will sign up as well as the gallery pages post event. 

Bespoke Publications PCD Club produces a quarterly magazine. There is scope to feature sponsors in the content of our digital publications. 

Who attends?


Guests are typically professionals with less than 5 years professional experience. They come to these events to meet industry peers, share knowledge and build their own practice. 

Quality Connections All guests will have been in the wealth industry for less than 5 years and want to grow their business connections. 

High-End 98% of current members enjoy the premium venues, first-class service and high-end dining club feel of the events


Find out why leading brands in the private client industry are partnering with PCD to raise their profile, make connections and drive new business.



Find out how you can participate in the leading club for international private client advisors and unlock opportunities around the globe. 


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